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NextGen Global Executive Search has an award-winning recruitment technology that uses cutting-edge PREDICTIVE VALIDITY.

• Accurate in-depth CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT
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Leadership IQ and Oliver Wyman have conducted studies that show 46% of all new hires fail within 18 months. The true cost of a bad hire is roughly 3.5 x their annual salary and clearly has a negative impact on business. Our unique Recruitment Process Audit™ uses the latest data and industry research based algorithms to work out what the true cost is to you!

Exceptional Talent


Profiles of professionals exclusively represented by NextGen Global Executive Search. These are the cream of the crop, leaders, innovators, and/or market drivers in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Autonomous Vehicles, Internet of Things data / devices / networks, Mobile Infrastructure and Wireless Ecosystems

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NextGen Global Executive Search is a boutique retained executive search firm that is performance based with expertise in discovering unique talent who are not on the job market, but open to new challenges and potentially your offering

Backed by an industry leading 24 to 36 months replacement guarantee. Our retention rate of placed candidates of 93% who are still working for the client at 4.5 years of service, is unmatched.

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